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For those not yet making the big bucks

Over on ComiXology Michel Fiffe writes how to jumpstart a career in comics. The suggestions are all geared a career in comic books, but easily adapted to all comic forums.

Ok, so you’re in it to win it, right, pal? The important thing is that you’re ready to do some comic books. Whether you start small or big, you’ll eventually get wrapped up in the anxiety of putting yourself in front of people. You’ll start worrying about popularity contests and trends and fame. Get real. Being famous through comics is ridiculous and counterproductive. You may even start feeling competitive in this weird, nuanced way after a while. And while competition feels wrong on some deeper level because you’re not selling toothpaste or air conditioners or milk, you are selling your style. It’s up to you to develop your own point of view, or at the very least, to swipe an already overrated popular style and pass it off as your own.

Community Comments

#1 Starr D.
@ 3:03 pm

Thanks for posting the link to this article! I printed out
a copy, as I think it has a lot of interesting points to
consider for people trying to break into the comics
business, like me.

#2 Ted Rall
@ 7:05 am

Is it me, or was the writing impenetrable? I read this thing three times. I still have no idea what the takeaway is.

#3 Joe Rank ( KRANKY )
@ 7:57 am

Not you, Ted. Too many stoners involved in “comix”. You know that. They write like they talk.

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