Tony Murphy to end It’s All About You

It’s All About You creator Tony Murphy has decide to end his strip citing lack of client papers. Tony’s strip has been in syndication for almost three years but dates back to 2004 when it ran in the Metro in New York and Boston. When asked what he enjoyed most about the strip he said, “I also have to say that I’m very proud of the work I did. It was a great creative challenge and it was fun being surprised by what I came up with on deadline.”

As to the future, Tony has not ruled out doing something with the strip at a later date. After three years of the syndication grind, he’s happy to relax and enjoy… sleeping. “This is sort of a joke and at the same time very true. Since I decided to quit the strip I have been amazed at how tired I am, and was, and my body is slowly readjusting to not having work due all the time.”

Tony is still working hard his monthly coffee shop newspaper, Coffee Talk. His sixth issue hit the stands two weeks ago and he reports that he’s gaining traction with advertisers in the Brooklyn area. He’s also added a new section called “Comic Strip Showcase,” more puzzles along with the normal strip line-up.

14 thoughts on “Tony Murphy to end It’s All About You

  1. That’s just terrible.

    When people post here that they’re going to miss a strip that is being discontinued, I usually can’t imagine why. So many strips are so poorly executed it’s a wonder anyone bothers to read them at all.

    Tony is truly one of this field’s most amazing underrated talents. “It’s All About You” is one of the best relationship/social commentary strips ever. The fact that it never took off speaks volumes about the miserable state of the comics business, as well as the lack of imagination of so many editors.

    I hope he reemerges as a TV writer or graphic novelist or something else I’ll get to see or read.

  2. Tony’s work is exceptional and exceptionally insightful as well… I would pony up the $$ in a heartbeat to buy a collection of his work. Perhaps he can also offer up his Coffee Talk newspaper to the iPad or iPhone, Android, etc.

    Talent like his is rare, indeed.

  3. Tony’s a very talented writer and cartoonist. Although I will miss reading “It’s All About You”(some of the finest writing in comic strips!) I trust that Tony knows what he’s doing. It’s true, and it’s unfortunate that the daily syndication grind is extremely demanding, and so I know how he must feel. It was hopeful to read that he may have future plans for the strip. I don’t want to see it gone completely!

  4. I totally agree. Tony has produced consistently funny comics day in and day out, and his comic is one of the very best I’ve read in many years.

    Whenever Tony decides to put pen back to paper, you better believe I’ll be reading (and buying) what he’s doing.

  5. I’m glad to read the happy news that Tony has plans for something related to his strip in the future. It is sad to read about
    a strip, that is as good as “All About You” having to come to an end, not because it was canceled by the syndicate, but by the artist,due to lack of clients.

    Had the climate of the newspaper industry been healthier, I think his caffeine-addled characters would’ve easily enjoyed a list of at least 250 papers!

    As a fan, I hope whatever future plans he has for his strip are quickly realized.

  6. That strip was the Seinfield of comics…it was a real pleasure to read and loved the original style in artwork. Good luck with your other ventures and hope to see the strip surface again another day…

  7. Tony- The flame that burns bright twice as bright burns half as long! I think that’s from Blade Runner. Everyone pick up Coffee Talk and thanks Tony for great work.

  8. I appreciate everyone’s statements. It’s great to hear compliments from your professional peers!

    My own perspective may not be as funereal as everyone else’s… I’m definitely not happy that syndication didn’t work out.

    At the same time I’m glad to be liberated from the shotgun marriage with a system that is dying and was never a welcoming place creatively anyway.

    Plus, I got my own newspaper now. I’m selling ads, I’m getting a neighborhood reputation…

    Oh, and to Dave Stephens, and anyone else interested in a collection of my work:

  9. Sorry to hear this. I had noticed it was no longer getting updated on Gocomics a couple of weeks ago. I guess it is another victim of the demise of print news. I cannot imagine the pressure of trying to come up with something new and funny every day. Good luck to Tony on his future endeavors.

  10. Yikes! I’m SO disappointed! My husband and I (who think that Tony must have been evesdropping on us sometimes!), are great fans! We do understand the pressure to come up with strips and hope that after a BRIEF time, he’ll resume. In the meantime, get that rest and sketch out some more ideas for strips! We share them so much that we’re surprised it isn’t picked up EVERYwhere.

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