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DailyInk to raise price; going mobile

King Features comic subscription product, DailyInk, is raising their yearly rate on December 15 from $15 to $19.99. New subscribers or renewing subscribers signing up before December 15 save the extra $4.99.

DailyInk has also announced that they are soon taking their comics to the iPhone, iPod and Ipad in the near future. The app will be free for current members.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Heintjes
@ 10:57 am

I’m a longtime DI subscriber, and I’ll re-up again. I will pay more when the time comes because this is part of the future of cartooning revenue streams, and I’m willing to support it to get quality content.

#2 Topher Davila
@ 2:36 pm

I’m glad there might into digital, and on iProducts, but while I knew better my first thought was “they aren’t already?” I’ll happily take latter than never. Didnt k ow about that subscription thing. I’ll go get it now.

#3 Topher Davila
@ 2:38 pm

Sorry. Dumb question, but here’d be the place to ask. Do the other syndicates have anything like this. If so I’ll sign up for those also.

#4 Jeff Stanson
@ 9:32 pm

I declined the offer to add another year right now. I’ll wait to see if I can get a better product by mid-2011. If so, I’ll be glad to pay their $19.95. I can get the same current comics with better resolution from King’s Comics Kingdom, but of course, not the vintage stuff. Currently, Vintage Sunday Mandrake, Flash Gordon, and Juliet Jones keep repeating in loops instead of going forward. Vintage Sundays are black and white when you’d think KFS could offer them in color. The Vintage Sunday Phantom is posted at an even smaller size than other Sundays. Right now Brick Bradford dailies have been the same strip for a few days. Maybe they’ll clear up all of these problems when launch the new version. However, I’m skeptical, fearing they may relaunch as a Flash site or something. That’s why I won’t re-up at the current rate… I’d rather wait to see how good or how bad the new product is. Oh yes, and I’d rather read comics on my widescreen monitor, not the tiny screen of my iPhone.

#5 Mike Peterson
@ 5:20 am

I just resubscribed last week and am pondering the five buck savings if I add another year. Obviously, it’s worth it, but I’m feeling a little pushback about paying extra for added features I have no interest in.

#6 Dave Krainacker
@ 5:06 pm

I’ve been a subscriber for five years now, and this is the first price increase. Still a tremendous bargain. Would love to see them offer the archives in a kindle type format. Seems like they’re sitting on a goldmine that comic geeks like myself would gladly pay to access.

#7 Thomas Robinson
@ 12:59 pm

I have not recieved my Dailyink for Dec.17&18 Thank You Tom

#8 Thomas Robinson
@ 1:02 pm

What is the problem Thank You Tom R

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