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Perry Bible Fellowship returns. Sporadically

There’s been a bit of excitement after Perry Bible Fellowship creator Nichols Gurewitch posted a new cartoon earlier this week. I asked Nichols how often fans should expect new comics to which he replied, “I don’t think I’ll be posting new ones on any kind of a regularized basis.”

Nichols has been busy with more animation projects. You can see the animations he wrote and voiced here, here and here.

Community Comments

#1 Jesse Cline
@ 10:47 am

Yeah I noticed he posted a new one a few months ago and took down the “Catchphrase” one that was at the top. Real shame his show was not picked up. Love this guy. I remember when he first one the Baltimore City Paper comic contest and have been a fan since.

#2 Jesse Cline
@ 11:03 am

derp. I meant he “won” the contest. And holy cow Elite Fleet Ep. 2 is hilarious.

#3 rodd perry
@ 10:33 pm

He beat our comic in that contest. Very happy he’s back, which should drive up the price of our originals

#4 rodd perry
@ 10:36 pm

The story is still online:

#5 Daniel Boris
@ 8:20 pm

Awesome! Can’t get enough of Perry Bible Fellowship…

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