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Conversations with Dan Piraro

The Comics Journal has posted a three part interview with Bizarro creator Dan Piraro.

When asked if he’s considered ending Bizarro and turning to fine art, Dan replied:

In 21st century United States, you certainly cannot complain if you?re making a living as an artist ? period. You just can?t. It?s like complaining that you won $10 million in the lottery instead of a hundred million. So, I like my career, but I?d love to change. I?d love to be able to get away from the 365-day-a-year responsibility because the downside is that I don?t get any vacations unless I work twice as many hours for x amount of time. I don?t get any time off for grieving, illnesses, or injuries. I just have to work through whatever happens. And that becomes an incredible grind after a quarter of a century. I?ve been through any number of funerals and I?ve been through a divorce and a couple of breakups and my dog died and who knows how many bouts of influenza. At that point it becomes really grueling.

Read part one, two and three.

Community Comments

#1 dan reynolds
@ 12:07 pm

Good article on Dan.

Dan has always had a unique and interest way of looking at the world. I found his comments on Highlights for Children interesting as I always felt the exact same way about the Hidden Pictures page as a kid. I loved finding those hidden pictures.
I have many of Dan’s books myself. His artwork is phenomenal.

#2 Linda Marshall
@ 9:57 pm

I read Dan’s blog every day, and he’s very involved, very approachable. And, y’know – I’ve been reading the cartoon for twenty years or so, and always liked it and thought of it as a favourite, but since becoming a regular blog reader, it feels more “mine” in some weird way. Almost a “that’s a cartoon written by this guy I know” feeling – a personal connection. It is indeed a strange thing, this fandom/celebrity stuff.

#3 Andrew Caddell
@ 7:56 am

I met him at the “Festival of Cartoon Art” and he is the most “down to earth guy” you can meet.
Now that I think about it . . . 365 days for 25 years!!! Wow. Truly incredible.

#4 Starr D.
@ 8:33 pm

I really like Dan Piraro’s “Bizarro.” Very creative stuff,
which I can’t say about everything I read in the comics!
I will check out his interview….thanks for posting about it.

#5 Terry LaBan
@ 10:38 am

He wears cool hats, too.

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