Foxtrot retrospective collection due in November

It’s a good year for retrospectives. Due out this November is Bill Amend’s The Best of FoxTrot – a near 300 pages of the best strips from the last 20 years.

Available for pre-order at Amazon.

Correction: As pointed out in the comments by Bill Amend, the collection is a two book collection – each at 280 pages.

7 thoughts on “Foxtrot retrospective collection due in November

  1. Is it wrong to point out Jason’s androgyny? I’m Just saying.. It’s nothing a haircut couldn’t fix. But I suppose it’s a bit late in the game for that.

  2. Oh well, since I already have all the treasuries (except for the last one which I?ll buy later this year), I?m not sure if I?ll get this one. But it looks awesome.

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