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Festival of Cartoon Art notes: Jan Eliot

Jan Eliot is the creator of the comic strip Stone Soup that was launched in 1995.

  • Jan Eliot is now up talking about her comic “Stone Soup.”
  • Jan notes that she loves her syndicate and being syndicated. I think that was a reaction to Dave Kellett’s presentation.
  • Jan Eliot’s influences include McManus, Linda Barry, Claire Bretecher, Garry Trudeau, Nicole Hollender and Roz Warren.
  • Stone Soup launched in 1995; was lucky to get into comics when Watterson retired. Launched in 95 papers
  • Jan Eliot now talking about her assistant who was 10 when she started working with Jan. Read about Olivia
  • Great story about how the cartoon that resulted in Jan Eliot getting a letter from the U.S. China Relations Review Committee.
  • Jan did a series of strips with women characters from other strips for a baby shower: Alice, Cathy, Connie, Elly. Great stuff.
  • Jan Eliot is now showing a series of cartoons that have resulted hot reactions. Funny stuff. Some people are so sensitive.
  • Jan Eliot: Cartooning post-Watterson is tough. It’s hard to do a snowman or space ‘toon that measures up to Calvin and Hobbes.

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