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Festival of Cartoon Art notes: Steve Breen

Steve Breen is the editorial cartoonist for the San Diego Union-Tribune. He is also the creator of the comic Grand Avenue which he now collaborates with Mike Thompson.

  • Steve Breen is up now. Title of his talk is “Editorial Cartooning: Humanity’s Last Hope”
  • Breen: Sparky was asked if he ever thought of doing editorial cartoons to which he replied, “I could never be that mean.”
  • Breen: I’m moderate to lean conservatives. I’m kind of all over the place. I’m pro-life, but anti-death penalty…
  • Breen’s slide show is funny. Great selection of cartoons. Now he’s drawing at the sketch pad.
  • Q: You do five sketches a day, do you keep them? Breen: usually not. There are some that can be kept for another day, but it’s rare.
  • Q: What’s you daily schedule? Breen: I get into work at 10-11 and read the papers; have sketches to my editor by 4 and I’m done by 6:30.
  • Q: When do you do Grand Avenue? Breen: Doesn’t take too much of my time. Mike Thompson does a lot of G.A. I’m do more children’s books now.

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