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Interviewed: Nicole Hollander on Sylvia, new book

Nicole Hollander, creator of Sylvia, was interviewed in The Tablet about her 30 years in comics and her new collection “The Sylvia Chronicles: 30 Years of Graphic Misbehavior from Reagan to Obama.”

Speaking of absurdities, in the section on the earliest strips, you mention regretting depicting Reagan as a moron for so long, because it kept you from going deeper-for instance, questioning why the White House was so afraid of the Sandinistas taking control. Any other regrets?

In general I worry about missed opportunities. There’s so much information out there; I’m always worried about not catching something. Also, because of my deadline, I’m four weeks behind. So, I can only deal with politics if the issue will remain resonant a month later, when the strip runs.

Community Comments

#1 Neal Skorpen
@ 4:01 pm

Hooray for Sylvia! I was so disappointed when The Oregonian stopped running it.

#2 Susan Abe
@ 11:53 pm

My Christmas shopping just got easier.

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