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60 Minutes airs 1999 interview with Sparky

I missed this on TV, but CBS has posted the 13 minute 60 Minutes segment online. The TV News magazine revisits the popularity of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts and rebroadcasts an 1999 interview with Sparky himself.

Community Comments

#1 Phil Judd
@ 6:25 pm

What a great story….and a truly human kind guy…I grew up loving that strip and still do. Very inspirational.

#2 Dave Stephens
@ 6:57 pm

My favorite strip since I was age 8 years old… Sparky will always be the greatest ever…

#3 Jesse Cline
@ 7:46 am

Wow. This takes me back. I was in high school when this was shown, and my grandmother recorded it for me.

I love the part about how he lives in that world, and just visits the outside world for ideas. What a great man.

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