Universal Uclick to launch Thatababy in October

Universal Uclick is launching Paul Trap’s Thatababy this October. You might remember Thatababy was among the final 10 in the Amazon Comic Strip Superstar Contest last year. The best place to see Paul’s work is still on Amazon’s website.

Paul Trap is a freelance writer and illustrator. He serves as the editorial cartoonist for Baseball America magazine which appears both in print and web. He’s also a contributor to USA Today and McClatchy News Service, illustrating weekly features for kids and adults that appear in newspapers worldwide. Other freelance clients include Kellogg’s, 3M, AOL, National Geographic and Fidelity Investments.

12 thoughts on “Universal Uclick to launch Thatababy in October

  1. I like the style in the strip. Looking forward to reading it.

    As luck would have it, my local paper announced that they’re going to run this strip as a replacement for “Cathy”, so I’m sure to actually see it in print.

  2. Excellent! This is the one I voted for–I knew it would get picked up regardless because it’s actually FUNNY. Hopefully Buni will be next!

  3. Not trying to stir debate….but wasn’t one of the rules of the contest that you couldn’t have prior syndication? so that a chance was given to those who weren’t already seasoned pro’s?

  4. I don’t think there was any rule against prior syndication for the artist. I think the only thing was that the feature being submitted couldn’t have been previously published.

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