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AAEC Salutes JP Trostle, Cullum Rogers

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists is saluting two of its long-time Secretary/Treasurer Cullum Rogers and Minister of Information JP Trostle in their latest quarterly Notebook. Cullum has been the organizations treasurer for the last 12 years – an AAEC record. Up coming treasurer R.C. Harvey writes about Cullum’s tenure and influence.

JP has been editing the Notebook since 2002. AAEC President Rex Babin gives him a proper salute. Stephanie McMillan has assumed editor of the Notebook.

Community Comments

#1 Ted Rall
@ 5:12 pm

I can’t believe no one has posted a comment here. J.P. is a brilliant editor, incredibly generous person, and one of the most underappreciated cartoonists anywhere. It is my pleasure to know him and work with him, and congrats, man!

#2 Stephanie McMillan
@ 5:46 am

JP, thanks for all the advice and tips as I tackled the first issue as your successor. I may have more questions as I start the second… Hey, stop blocking my calls!

#3 Jen Sorensen
@ 12:33 am

JP is the best thing to come out of Pennsylvania since shoo-fly pie. And Cullum shared his bourbon with me once. Both are genuinely great people I’m glad to know.

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