Ed Power talks about the cancellation of My Cage

When I read yesterday that My Cage was coming to an end, I dashed off an email to Ed Power, co-creator of the strip, for more details. Below is his answers to my questions:

How did this come about?

We just weren’t in enough papers to make it profitable for KFS to continue printing us.

What are your thoughts on your experience in syndication?

Entirely positive. Maybe a little too positive actually. I’d love to be able to sit here and rail against my syndicate bitterly instead of taking personal responsibility for the strip’s cancellation, but I can’t because everyone at King is so great. Jerks! 😀 😀 😀

But seriously, everyone there is great. I love my editor, Brendan Burford, and his predecessor, the late, great Jay Kennedy…well, there aren’t enough synonyms for the word ‘awesome’ to describe what he was like.

They also teamed me with the amazingly talented Melissa DeJesus. The greatest creative partner a person could ask for. Not only is she brilliant, she’s so sweet she should be animated.

Are there any plans to keep My Cage alive online or self-syndication?

Right now Mel and I are concentrating on how to end the strip. We have had talks on what to do next with the characters, but right now the wound is too fresh to decide anything. We have always had a much bigger following on-line than in papers, and our fans are just…just…INSANELY loyal. We couldn’t ask for better fans, and there’s NO WAY they could be more fiercely devoted.

So…we’ll see.

Until then, Mel and I are doing an original Graphic Novel called ‘Santa vs Dracula’ for SLG Publishing.

4 thoughts on “Ed Power talks about the cancellation of My Cage

  1. I would love to see My Cage continue online as a webcomic. I only recently discovered the comic and I am becoming a huge fan. (today’s comic had me in tears I was laughing so hard) I would hate to see it go away completely.

  2. Nice brief interview, I hope the strip ends on Halloween with the Norm/Bridget wedding…

  3. This was such a massive blow to me when I found it out. I instantly fell in love with My Cage with the first strip. Most of my local papers comic page felt like it was pulled from a 60’s time capsule; so to have a comic that actually felt like something geared towards my generation was a breath of fresh air.

    Your humor wasn’t stupid throw away gag panels or lame please-everyone bland humor. It was geared specifically at cynical people my age. I’ve died laughing more than once reading your strips, which is more than I can say for 95% of the comics I’ve read. I was beyond angry when they canceled the comic to (of all things) enlarge the stupid Peanuts comic.

    You guys should seriously become a web comic. I’d gladly pay an online fee to read your material. It seems that nowadays the only people reading comics in papers is those that didn’t have the Internet growing up and were conditioned to the paper. Trust me, 40 years from now Ed your comics will be still relevant to my generation. Hopefully by then the 50’s generation will get its death grip off of the comics scene so you can make a Futurama style comeback ;).

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