Are you getting paid all of your royalties?

I received an email from Stu Rees. For those not familiar, Stu is an entertainment lawyer that specializes in visual arts – like cartoons. He’s also a cartoonist himself. He also works with the National Cartoonist Society on legal matters. He forwarded me an email he posted on another cartooning bulletin board regarding Reprographic royalties. He makes a good case that if you’re not being represented, it would be well for you to look into it.

Reprographic royalties are money collected from universities, government entities and corporations for a blanket license to copy printed matter. As a cartoonist with work published in the US and abroad, you may be entitled to some of the money. I made a pitch at this year’s Reubens for cartoonists to join ASIP, the organization that would be responsible for collecting the funds on your behalf. The NCS itself is a member of ASIP, and Page 4 of the latest issue of The Cartoon!st has a pitch from the NCS board for individual members to join. Mark Simon has just written a long piece at Animation World Network providing detailed background on the issue.

I urge all U.S. cartoonists (who own at least some of their published work) to join ASIP by completing and sending in the form at It’s not only free, someday you might even receive a small check!