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Daddy’s Home proves to be popular in Canada

Daddy’s Home, created by Anthony Rubino, Jr. and Gary Markstein has proven to be a popular comic strip in Canada. Creators Syndicate announced that it successfully sold the strip (both daily and Sunday) to 28 newspaper sites under the brand. Earlier in the year, the co-creators picked up six other Canadian papers, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, Toronto Sun, Ottawa Sun, Winnipeg Sun and The Branford Expositor.

In related Daddy’s Home news, the two creators are sponsoring a caption contest and have already received over a 1000 submissions. You can see the caption less cartoon over on gocomics.

The top three finalists will receive a Daddy’s Home product of their online store and the grand prizewinner wins the autographed original cartoon strip. Anthony and Gary will select the three finalists. The public will vote for the big grand prizewinner. Submissions end the 20th of this month.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Cope
@ 2:35 pm

The moral of the story … Canadians love their funnies!

(minor note: those “Sun” papers are under the brand.)

#2 Stephen Beals
@ 6:18 pm

A couple of years ago, I was doodling ideas for a comic strip I was calling “Dad’s House”. Then I saw Daddy’s Home and thought, “Well, there goes that!”

The downside (actually an upside) is that I really like Daddy’s Home and think they’re doing a much better job than anything I was writing.

#3 Mark_Tatulli
@ 9:54 pm

CREATORS owns Canada. No surprise there.

#4 Anthony Rubino, Jr.
@ 1:53 am

Perhaps Mark. But “DH” is one of only a few Creators comics chosen by Most are from other syndicates.

#5 Anthony Rubino, Jr.
@ 2:11 am

And Thanks Stephen!

#6 Mark Buford
@ 6:52 am

Congratulations Anthony and Gary! Don’t go shopping for speed boats just yet, however. They scored the same deal for me last month, and while it’s undoubtedly exciting, it’ll barely make a ripple on your royalty check.

#7 Gar Molloy
@ 7:08 am

…unless of course you really WANT a speedboat and were going to get one anyway.

Congrats Anthony & Gary :)

#8 Chris Fournier
@ 7:48 am

Congrats Anthony and Gary. Daddy’s Home is a great strip, well drawn and consistently entertaining.

From what I understand Creators has a stranglehold on the Sun chain of newspapers and while it’s impressive to be in their chain of newspapers I wonder if Creators is selling their features at a fraction of the cost because they’ll make it up in volume.

Mark, I love your strip as well. I’m constantly laughing at Scary Gary and Leopold is one demented little henchman.

#9 Stephan Pastis
@ 11:21 am

We should kick Steve McGarry out of the country.

#10 Steve McGarry
@ 1:54 pm

Er … I’m not in Canada, Stephan.

#11 Anthony Rubino, Jr.
@ 5:02 pm

Steve: Well maybe you should be. Didya ever think of that?

#12 Tony Rubino
@ 5:04 pm

Mark B., Chris F. and all: Yeah, yeah… I know all that… I’m just tryin to impress the chicks. Quit pen blockin me.

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