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A peek at One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages

John Read, editor of “Stay Tooned!” and curator of the “One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages” exhibit has graciously sent me photos of the exhibit as seen in Jackson, Mississippi – the busiest mall in Mississippi he adds. He’s using a former jewelry store – hence the cases. Exhibit runs through August and then it’s off to the Disney Toonfest in Marceline, Missouri. The exhibit takes over 70 Sunday comics that appeared last April 11.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Heintjes
@ 8:04 am

Looks great! It’s remarkable how small today’s Sunday originals are versus those of years past, but it’s still always a blast to see the original art–the linework, the white-out, etc. Hope I can visit the exhibition! It’s a real tribute to John’s persistence and vision.

#2 Rich Diesslin
@ 10:46 am

Kudos to John who is certainly one of the ambassadors of the art form! I hope the exhibits go well.

#3 John Read
@ 11:51 am

Actually, Alan, there are 137 comic strips and panels on display. :0) I was almost overwhelmed by the participation the exhibit garnered.

#4 Pete McDonnell
@ 11:53 am

I think it’s very appropriate to exhibit comic strip art in a jewelry store…but maybe I’m biased.

#5 Scott Nickel
@ 12:06 pm

Congratulations, John!

Happy I could be a small part of this project.

#6 Mike Cope
@ 2:36 pm

Looks beautiful, John!! Can’t wait to see it here in Canada :)

#7 Lisa Jan Stephens
@ 4:46 pm

this is such a class act! wish i could see it.

#8 Jason Nocera
@ 4:51 pm

Very cool – I hope it makes it to the Northeast!

#9 Dave Stephens
@ 5:44 pm

Any E.C. Segar in this august collection?

#10 David Paccia
@ 7:46 pm

I’m with Jason, hoping it makes it’s way to New England.

#11 Scott Nickel
@ 8:14 pm


Only if he rose from the dead.

#12 Stephan Pastis
@ 11:20 am

We should kick Steve McGarry out of the country.

#13 John Read
@ 1:37 pm

Dave: This exhibit features currently syndicated strips and panels – every comic in the show was published in North American newspapers on the same Sunday (April 11th).

Stephan: Why should we kick Mr, McGarry out of the country? And why post that demand in this particular thread? Just curious, y’understand…

#14 Steve McGarry
@ 1:57 pm

Don’t pretend you don’t know, Read. I knew the writing was on the wall when I saw that there was no Biographic or Kid City in your exhibition … now Pastis spills the beans, You two are in cahoots aren’t you? You’ll have to try harder than that to get me out.

#15 John Read
@ 1:11 pm

Steve, I sent two e-mail invitations to you. I just assumed you didn’t want to participate! It’s not too late, y’know…

#16 Steve McGarry
@ 2:41 pm

I was only kidding, John. To be honest, I don’t create any physical original art anymore – it’s all digitally created. I think there are a few others who don’t actually put nib to paper any more … what did the likes of Greg Evans contribute, for instance?

But as to emails, I didn’t recall seeing anything from you … which email address did you use?

#17 John Read
@ 8:27 pm

Two more names (and THREE more comics!) have been added to the roster tonight, folks. Steve McGarry, with two features, and Gary McCoy (whose brother is already in the show with “Duplex”) make it an even 140 features represented in “One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages!”

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