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Peirce taps into hybrid book popularity

Lincoln Peirce, the creator behind Big Nate is tapping into the hybrid book craze. Hybrid books, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid have exploded in popularity. Lincoln is publishing a hybrid book called “Big Nate: In a Class By Himself” through Harper.

Amazon’s description of the book:

Grade 4?6?Nate is a sixth grader who has a problem with organization. Everything is going wrong, and he’s piling up detention after detention. Things start to improve when he gets a fortune cookie with a message stating that he will “surpass all others,” giving him a purpose for the day and leading to humorous incidents such as when he tries to beat a speed record for eating green beans, and when he tickles his science teacher with a feather duster. This fully developed protagonist debuted in a comic strip; this is Peirce’s first book about him, and it is a successful, laugh-out-loud venture. Readers meet a variety of characters, each with a unique personality or trait. Peirce’s black-and-white ink illustrations, whether they are comics Nate has drawn or other funny images, help to develop the story. Big Nate will fill in gaps in collections that are looking for books for reluctant readers, and for Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Abrams) read-alikes.?Lora Van Marel, Orland Park Public Library, IL

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#1 Bob Weber Jr.
@ 10:05 am

Congratulations, Lincoln! I’ve been a fan for a long time!

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