Reid calls GOP of Charlie Brown government

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling Senate Republicans as practicing “Charlie Brown theory of government” for delaying many of the Democratic legislative priorities. He reportedly said, “I’ve been terribly disappointed by the Charlie Brown theory of government around here” during a press conference on the state aid bill.

According to The Hill, a GOP aid joked, “A Senate GOP aide joked: “I don’t get it – Is Reid comparing himself to Charlie Brown, Lucy or the football?”

10 thoughts on “Reid calls GOP of Charlie Brown government

  1. No wonder Reid’s own son, who’s running for governor of Nevada, won’t even use his last name in his campaign.

  2. Perhaps Harry Reid should compare the Republicans to the ghosts in The Family Circus who cause trouble in the Keane household. “Who tried to stop the stimulus act?” “Not me” “Ida know”

    I’m sure that Not Me and Ida Know will be stumping for the Republican incumbents candidates, esp those who lag behind their opponents.

  3. I’m sure Harry Reid was referring to Charlie Brown of the old Coaster’s song – not the darling comic character. Remember “Fe fe fi fi fo fo fum, I smell smoke in the auditorium? Charlie Brown, he’s a clown that Charlie Brown…” Reid and I must have the same oldies but goodies.

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