The Goon movie heading to theaters in 2011

Eric Powell’s The Goon series is heading to the big screen. The Goon was a self-published cult comic before Dark Horse Comics found it in 2003. The moie is being produced by David Fincher. More information is being released this weekend at the San Diego Comic Con. You can see the trailer below.

I might be leaving the kids home on this one.

3 thoughts on “The Goon movie heading to theaters in 2011

  1. One of my all time favorite titles – Eric Powell is one the reasons I would even consider going to the current crowd-a-thon Comicon here in San diego… I thought “The Goon” would make a great film the moment I read my first issue. I’ll hope for the best until proven otherwise… 😉

  2. Have loved the comic since the beginning, and was very happy when DH picked it up. Let’s see how the filmmakers do. Staying w/ these characters for 90 minutes might be a challenge for most audiences.

    Wish the trailer showed the spider!

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