Ratatouille to be released in 3D

This news item is coming from Pixar Planet – an official Pixar blog – so I’m going to take this item out of the rumor category and put it in the “probably true” category. Pixar is working on releasing a 3D version of Ratatouille. No date is given, but it’s reported that Pixar 3D Supervisor, Bob Whitehill, is working the film through the conversion process and Brad Bird is on board.

3 thoughts on “Ratatouille to be released in 3D

  1. This 3D stuff is a real drag. I get that it’s making the studio scads of money but it basically amounts to a ticket price increase. So far I’ve seen Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon and one other flick I can’t even remember in 3D and I hated wearing the glasses and found it distracting. The kids I took to How To Train Your Dragon couldn’t keep the glasses on for more than a few minutes.

    What’s worse to my mind is that they are intentionally (at least at my local theater) putting the 2D presentations on the worst screens under the lousiest presentation circumstances.

    I took my nephew to a 2D presentation of Despicable Me. They left the house lights on until I went out and complained. The print was dirty and blurry and the far left and right edges of the screen didn’t end in a sharp line but rather in this blurry cloud shape that made it hard to focus on the film.

    If this is the way things are going to go I think I’m going to have to stick with the old home theater and DVD player. Just so much more preferable to the games theaters are playing to get the most money possible out of every viewing.

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