DC Comics closes Zuda Comics

DC Comics has announced they have shut down Zuda Comics, first launched in 2007 citing a larger vision.

The submissions question is simple: It is the new DC Co-Publishers? plan to expand submissions beyond just Zuda Comics and the Online group into a larger, more comprehensive system that covers all of DC Comics? wide variety of needs, skills and interests. Jim and Dan are very excited about bringing in and developing new talent so look for more information about that from them as plans develop.

As for the site, from here on out, Zuda Comics will be folded into DC Comics? exciting, new Digital Publishing initiative. Expect more Zuda series to be released through the DC Comics and comiXology Apps, the Sony PSP and on both the comiXology website and, eventually, the main DC Comics website as well. You?ll be able to read all of your digital editions and manage your entire library in one place, whether DCU, Vertigo, WildStorm or Zuda. The goal there is convergence of technology and convergence of editorial.

6 thoughts on “DC Comics closes Zuda Comics

  1. It’s sad to see a comic indy giant fall like this. The Fabler is exploring a similar opportunity and business model that might be a good alternative for independent comic creators.

  2. Bet they hired someone they think can take over “WEBCOMICS”

    “I say I say I say boy”

  3. I agree with Mr. Taylor (ever since I saw that video of your talk on the webcomics business model I have become physically incapable of thinking, saying or typing your name with an Mr. in front of it). It’s a load and I agree with Gary Tyrell over at Fleen that the last line in that blah blah blah translates from corporate speak to English as “a whole bunch of people just lost their jobs.”

    I wonder if DC, Marvel, Image and so on will ever get “it.” I almost hope they don’t. The only thing that makes me think any of them ever might is what Avatar is doing with Warren Ellis over at FreakAngels.

    If their traffic numbers (especially amongst females aged 18-34) are to be believed I imagine advertisers would be scrambling to get some ads up on that site. Yet Avatar doesn’t run any. Still, IF the traffic numbers are to believed the merch and print edition sales must be pretty sweet.

  4. I remember looking at the submission agreement for Zuda and finding the rights they wanted granted to them to be somewhat troubling for the money they were willing to pay out.

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