Piers Baker interviewed on Tall Tale Radio

Piers Baker is this weeks guest on the Tall Tale Radio podcast. Co-hosting the show with Tom Racine is Rabbits Against Magic creator Jonathan Lemon.

The multi-talented Piers Baker of ?Oliie & Quentin? leaps across the Atlantic thanks to the magic of Skype, to talk to me and my co-host, the magical Jonathan Lemon, he of ?Rabbits Against Magic,? and the popular ?Lemon List? heard periodically here on the show! Piers is an amazing artist who pulls of clean simplicity in a way that is incredibly envy-inducing. We talk about his technique, his long and fastidious rise to syndication, the US vs. the UK humor styles, (or is that ?humour? styles?), and his European viewpoint on the future of newspapers.