Politics and Prose for sale; 20 interested buyers

The famous Washington D.C. book store Politics and Prose was recently put up for sale and already the owners have been approached by about 20 interested buyers.

Mr. Sagalyn said he and Franklin Foer, editor of The New Republic and one of Mr. Sagalyn’s clients, have been in preliminary discussions with Ms. Meade and Ms. Cohen about buying the bookstore as part of a larger group of buyers. Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic and a nearby resident, said he is part of the same interested group. Mr. Sagalyn declined to name the others in the group, although he said all of them are customers of the store.

Mr. Foer said he has been a customer of the bookstore since his childhood, adding, “When I was in high school and couldn’t get a date on Friday night, which was just about every Friday night, I would spend my time in the aisles of the store.”

The sale process may take up to a year. Ms. Meade said she has already been approached by about 20 potential buyers.

“I think that right now three-quarters of upper northwest Washington is asking themselves, ‘What if I owned Politics and Prose?'” Mr. Foer said.

h/t Mike Rhode