Five finalists posted in Post comic contest

Say that headline five times quickly!

Comics Riff’s Michael Cavna has announced his comic contest has been whittled down to five. Finalists are:

Hoxwinder Hall by Daniel Boris.

Real Time by Bob Erskine

Forever Endeavor by Thomas Mullany

Stupid Inventor by Zachary Snyder

Imogen Quest by Olivia Walch

The final five now submit Sunday cartoons for a second round of voting in July.

13 thoughts on “Five finalists posted in Post comic contest

  1. it kind of surprising that odd bluff inn with comments like this never made it into the top 5:

    Garry Trudeau: “Only strip that really clicked for me….”

    Gene Weingarten: “This is my choice for the winner, but only because it’s got the best concept and is the best drawn, the most fully realized, the best paced, and the funniest, with the most compelling characters and the best use of sequential art….”

    Signe Wilkinson: “…he seems to have created the most appealing world. …”

  2. What means so much to me right now is, even though I’m still INCREDIBLY honored to have been “selected” into the Top 10 by an amazing group of Judges, the fact that people VOTED for me is what got me to the Top 5!

    That means EVERYTHING…
    Thanks to all who voted for my strip!

    Congratulations to the other 5 remaining finalists!


    : ))

  3. The creator of “Odd Bluff Inn” passes along word that just this week, a cartoon of his has been published in The New Yorker for the first time in his career.

    I’m hopeful that the cartoonist, Mark Thompson, takes to heart the encouraging critiques of such judges as Trudeau, Wilkinson and Weingarten.


  4. Wow, I have to admit I’m just a little bit happy that “Odd Bluff Inn” didn’t make it into the cut, because I considered it to be one of the best of the 10, and serious competition. Congrats to the cartoonist though on scoring a spot in The New Yorker! That is awesome!

    Looks like it’s just Daniel and me against the three gag-a-days….

    Seriously though, thanks to everyone who voted for me! Stupid Inventor is my first ever attempt at a comic strip and I’m excited and humbled to have made it into the Final 5!


    (I’ve never drawn a Sunday strip before in my life! Wish me luck in the next challenge…)

  5. Bill,
    It’s not surprising. The voting is sort of rigged.

    If you do a web search on Hoxwinder Hall, you’ll find Daniel has been very, very busy taking advantage of social media in promoting his strip (which he apparently has submitted to other contests) and soliciting votes.

    Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think it was encouraged.

    You play the cards and the game to the best of your opportunities. I’d like to see how his strip develops.

    I’m glad Mark Thompson sold one of his cartoons to TNY.
    I wish him more luck and sales.

    It would be nice if all of the Final Five got a chance to have their cartoons run for a month in any newspaper.
    After that, would they want to continue, or would they be satisfied with that?

    (My personal wish is that Imogen Quest is the final winner-)

  6. @ Zachary: Hey, man! Great to see ya in the Top 5! Congrats!

    …and don’t sweat the color Sunday – you’ll do great!


  7. I think this competition is geared towards selecting a cartoonist who also has a certain level of professional development – that is why they expose them to the second round – to try and simulate the real world. I would far rather work with a person who has the drive to lobby for his own votes and works hard with passion and commitment than someone who sits back passively and accepts what comes to him.

    Go for it db – all the best for round 2!

  8. @Daniel

    Right back at you!
    I can’t wait to read your Sunday strip!
    My favorite one so far is where the the gator wears a polo shirt with a human logo… classic!


  9. I hope that Odd Bluff will be seen elsewhere since it was my favorite. I am looking forward to seeing the Sunday strips for the remaining five. Good luck!

  10. @ Zach: Thanks! I look forward to reading yours as well!

    I like the humor in your stirps! My favorites from you are the frist 2 – walking into the door, and the drive through. Hahaha!

    Have a great weekend, man!


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