Jonathan Rosenberg launches Scenes From A Multiverse

Goats creator Jonathan Rosenberg has launched a new daily webcomic entitled Scenes From A Multiverse. Jonathan describes the strip as “what it’s like to live in a multiverse. Each day, Monday through Friday, we’ll visit another location somewhere in an ordinary, everyday multiverse and see how folks there live and play.”

He’s also set up an interactive component to the strip that allows readers to vote on the week’s best strip which then competes against previous bests.

6 thoughts on “Jonathan Rosenberg launches Scenes From A Multiverse

  1. I love the strip concept. It’s like “The Far Side” only Jon can take it much farther into left field, because the premise allows for that longer stretch.

  2. Thanks guys! I am having a good time with it so far. The reception has been much better than I could have anticipated! Except for Jason, looks like he is the fifth dentist.

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