Stacy Curtis and the dueling banjo pigs

The headline sounds like a dive bar band from the deep south, but it’s really about a friendly challenge between two illustrators. Guy Francis challenged fellow illustrator Stacy Curtis to a duel of drawing pigs playing the banjo. Other illustrators have now contributed and Stacy has amassed a growing collection of over 70 drawings. You can see the drawings on the Dueling Banjo Pigs blog. The duel is now open to all cartoonists, editorial cartoonists, illustrators to become involved and contribute a dueling banjo pig.

Submissions can be made by e-mailing us a banjo playing pig, our e-mail addresses are located over on the blog. Email instructions are on the blog.

2 thoughts on “Stacy Curtis and the dueling banjo pigs

  1. If I ever start a band, it’ll be called “Stacy Curtis and the Dueling Banjo Pigs.” Thanks for the band name, Alan!

    We’ve already gotten some awesome new banjo pigs today!
    What fun!

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