Michael Ramirez to lecture at Reagan Library

Investor’s Business Daily’s editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez will be a guest lecturer at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on June 14. Michael’s lecture is entitled “Editorial Cartooning, Journalism and a Citizen’s Responsibility in a New World Order.” He will also be signing his latest book “Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion.” Both events are free, but require reservations.

8 thoughts on “Michael Ramirez to lecture at Reagan Library

  1. Ramirez is easily the best conservative editorial cartoonist out there… but, then, how many conservative cartoonists are there? Stayskal, Locher, Payne, Stantis, Asay, Gorrell, Varvel, Bok… that’s all I can think of. Any others?

  2. I still like Asay, but Scott Stantis has been the best conservative cartoonist for quite a while. No one else comes close.

  3. I wasn’t stating Scott is the best. I just didn’t want him left out. I’m not sure there is a “best” but I like Scott, Lisa Benson and Mike Lester very much.
    I think what makes the three I mentioned so good is that they all display a sense of dependence from the GOP, while all the others listed here are strict representatives of the party line.

    So shoot me.

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