Lewis and Fry’s Over the Hedge turns 15

T Lewis and Michael Fry’s Over the Hedge will celebrate its 15 years in syndication on this Saturday. The feature currently runs in 250 papers and has been made into a full feature computer-animated film starring the voice talent of Bruce Willis, Wanda Sykes, Avril Lavigne, Steve Carell, Eugene Levy and William Shatner. The movie took in $335 million.

“If 12 year old T Lewis could have known what the grown up T Lewis would get to do, his mind would’ve melted,” Lewis said. “From bringing Mike’s words to life, to joining in the lives of RJ and Verne and Hammy, to nudging black and white lines together to create a unique world, working on Over the Hedge has daily been a childhood – and adulthood – dream come true.”

There have been four Over the Hedge book collections: Over the Hedge, Over the Hedge 2, Over the Hedge 3: Knights of the Picnic Table, and Over the Hedge 4: Stuffed Animals.

10 thoughts on “Lewis and Fry’s Over the Hedge turns 15

  1. Over the Hedge is in my personal top 10 list of my most favorite movies. I have watched it five times I think. Maybe we?ll get a sequel one day, that would be awesome!

  2. Very nice, indeed. I’ve especially liked the artwork in the strip.

    I saw some childrens books at the library which were based on the movie. It would be nice to see T Lewis and Michael Fry?s name in there somewhere. Hooray for Hollyweird.

  3. Congrats to you both!

    So when is the movie sequel coming out? The first one was SO cool.

    I am looking forward to the next 15 years!!!!

    David Jones
    Creator of “Just Say Cheese”

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