Tom Gammill tries to get a seat at the Reubens

The Doozies creator Tom Gammill has posted another one of his videos – this time of him trying to get a seat the Reuben Awards. Video includes appearances by Jenny Robb, Cathy Guisewite, Kim Scott (Jerry’s wife), Sally Lazarus, Mell Lazarus, Jennie Schulz and Stephan Pastis.

One of Tom’s best productions yet.

Hilarity continues in the second part when unable to find anyone to sit with, Tom hatches a plan to emcee the awards night.

6 thoughts on “Tom Gammill tries to get a seat at the Reubens

  1. Tom and company did an amazing job! Great Hollywood awards show flair! What an incredible lift to the beginning of the night!

  2. On Thursday afternoon before the Reubens weekend, I spent five hours with Tom Gammill (and Frank Pauer) in Manhattan, mostly just trying to keep up with his very long stride. I got a hint of what we were in for that Saturday night, but did not expect it to be SO rip-roaringly funny.

    Thank you, Tom, for being such a great guide, and later on, such a hoot of a host. You were one of the reasons this was a really wonderful Reubens. (And thanks again for introducing me to McSorley’s ale!)

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