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Off topic: Anyone know the history of this newspaper?

Anyone know why this same newspaper has shown up in so many different TV shows?

Community Comments

#1 Jesse Cline
@ 4:29 pm

Pretty cool huh? Slate has the story here:

More screengrabs of the paper here as well:

#2 Jeff Stanson
@ 4:31 pm

It’s not a real paper, but a generic-looking rag produced by a prop designer that supplies the production houses creating the programs.

#3 Kelly Ferguson
@ 6:57 pm

Sadly, the prop paper has a bigger Comics section than most real papers–and they’re in color.

#4 Adam Casalino
@ 2:05 pm

Who spent their time putting all these clips together? Either someone who works in TV production and knew about this–or someone with a bizarre amount of free time (and a little OCD).

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