Fort Knox to commemorate Memorial Day, D-Day

Paul Jon, the creator of Fort Knox has created a unique series of strips to commemorate Memorial Day and the anniversary of D-Day.

Paul’s strip for Sunday depicts the Knox family reading a book with a picture of the troops landing on Omaha Beach. The scene is drawn by illustrator Norman Felchle. Then on Monday, Memorial Day, the series kicks off a story-line with Wesley Knox working on a class report on D-Day. The story-line concludes on June 6, the 66th anniversary of D-Day.

Paul explains that after a fan complained that he failed to mention Pearl Harbor Day on Dec. 7, he vowed to not miss future military holidays.

“Having just launched Fort Knox (in October), I had weeks of strips that introduced the characters and — unfortunately — they were pretty much set in stone. But the letter weighed on my nonetheless. So I decided to recognize as many military holidays as humanly possbile. Yes, I’m a bit obsessive.”