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Bolling, Scott, Toomey interviews posted

Scott Nickel has posted another in his 20 Questions series with an interview with Molly and the Bear creator and Pixar artist Bob Scott.

3. You’ve worked at Pixar for about a decade. How did that come about, and is it, in fact, the coolest job in the world?

Yeah, almost 11 years. Boy, that makes me feel old. A lot of my Cal Arts friends were already at Pixar when I was approached to “come North,” My family and I drove up for a visit and within a year we sold our house and moved. I really thought it would be a great place to work. I admired the films that they made and was inspired to give it a try. I feel very fortunate that I got in and I haven’t looked back since.

And, yes, it’s a cool place to work.

Over at Tall Tale Radio, Tom Racine has interviewed two notable guests. Check out Tom the Dancing Bug’s Ruben Bolling and Jim Toomey creator of Sherman’s

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#1 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 3:49 pm

Great interview, Bob!

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