Senator Franken uses Tom Toles cartoon

Senator Al Franken, a former comedian and comedy writer (painfully) uses a cartoon by Washington Post editorial cartoonist Tom Tole to argue support for his bill.

12 thoughts on “Senator Franken uses Tom Toles cartoon

  1. He should’ve maybe given it a dry run in private. Or maybe it just sounded better in his head. Or maybe it just wasn’t that good of an idea in the first place.

  2. I think that’s just Frankin’s typical (very) dry wit: explaining in detail a joke which is obvious in the first place & really needs no explanation.

  3. How do you guys not understand this?

    This is what America thinks of this “art form.”

    Ted, can you make a cartoon explaining this to everyone. Make sure it includes a weeping statue of liberty.

  4. “OK, class, when you have to explain the joke, what is it not?”

    This explains the lost era of SNL …

    Any bets on what will be seen by more people, this or his former castmates in the please-shut-down-Hollywood-now movie, “Grown Ups”?

  5. It’s pretty cool that a Toles cartoon has now been read into the congressional record.

    When Franken was on Air America radio he frequently promised to beat the conservatives with humor.

  6. Scott: Like any ‘net comment section, it represents what a small population of angry, anonymous and largely illiterate cranks thinks of Al Franken (with a dose for cartooning on the side). If he’d used PvP in the same setting, the comments probably would have been equally “charitable.”

    Further (and without knowing for sure): I’m certain there’ve been FAR dumber presentations made on the Senate floor.

  7. Yeah, just wait until someone brings up a cartoon about VIDEO GAMES on the Senate floor…

    Oh right, that’s never gonna happen…

  8. Does that count as fair use, and if not does he now owe Toles some money? He should stick to his Stewart Smalley routine, only just doing it at home, alone, in a closet, with the lights off, with a bag of his head and just thinking it.

    My 2¢

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