Frank Frazetta passes at age 82

The New York Times is reporting that Frank Frazetta has passed away at the age of 82. Frank was best known for his “fantastic worlds of musclebound heroes fighting with broad swords and battle axes to defend helpless women from horrible beasts.” He also worked as an assistant to Al Capp doing Lil’ Abner and Famous Funnies.

6 thoughts on “Frank Frazetta passes at age 82

  1. One of the all time greats – he started an entire genera of fantasy sword and sorcery book covers. He had many imitators but no one came close to the feeling of raw primordial power that came alive on his canvases… He will be missed.

  2. My heart is broken. My sympathy goes out to his family.
    To us all, really. He was so very special.

    I can remember haunting the bookstores in the 70’s hoping for another Frazetta cover… or feature. I loved his work then, and still do today.

    Dave Stephens’s comment is right on the money, and yes, he will be missed. So sad.


  3. Sorry to hear the news…Frazetta was a guy who excelled and set benchmarks for all of us in pencil drawing, pen & ink, watercolor, oil painting; he was an incredible talent. He did those classic ’60s movie posters, comic strips like L’il Abner & Johnny Comet, comic books that are still some of the great works of narrative art. I think I appreciate his whimsical watercolors and Lord of the Rings pen & ink work the most, and I had his “Death Dealer” and “Silver Warrior” posters on my wall for many years as a kid.

  4. One of the saddest things I’ve witnessed over the last few days are the articles written about Franks demise. The handful of posts written here are better and more informed than the sum total of all the obituaries I’ve read.
    I remember when Frank’s work was being featured in major news articles and magazines all over the world in a period starting from the mid-seventies to the mid eighties. With all this in print how did the obit writers get it so wrong? And why was the short lived feud between between Frank and Ellie’s kids the biggest part of the reporting?

    Rick Tucker

  5. I was born in 1972, I’ve grown up looking at his work and on more than a few occasion made purchases solely on his cover designs. “Fire and Ice” is about to be brought to the big screen by Robert Rodriguez once he’s done with Predators.
    I hope they stay true to his work.

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