Times Square bomb tied to South Park threats? UPDATE

The New York Daily News is reporting suspicions that the weekend bombing attempt at New York Times is tied to threats against South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Police hunting the man who parked a crude but powerful car bomb in Times Square Saturday night are looking into a possible link to a South Park cartoon lampooning censorship about Mohammed.

No link has been established, but threats against the Comedy Central animators were made by a New York Islamist Web site last month and police are aggressively looking for connections, sources told the Daily News.

The dark-colored Nissan SUV, its engine running and hazard lights flashing, was parked on W. 45th St. right next to the Broadway headquarters of Viacom, which owns Comedy Central.

UPDATE: Th media has caught up with Younus Abdullah Muhammed – who posted the threat against the South Park creators on revolutionmuslim.com. He has denied being apart of the bomb attempt.

A Queens Islamic group that warned the creators of “South Park” of retaliation for lampooning the Prophet Muhammed denied involvement Sunday in the Times Square bomb plot.

Younus Abdullah Muhammed, who runs the Web site RevolutionMuslim.com, said he was in Times Square at the time the car bomb was discovered, but he insisted he was not involved in the botched bombing.

“What do you think, I commanded somebody to blow up a building in the middle of Times Square?” a testy Muhammed told the Daily News.

4 thoughts on “Times Square bomb tied to South Park threats? UPDATE

  1. Maybe it’s me. I’m just feeling very skeptical about this. As skeptical about this as about the prototype iPhone being “lost.”

    It also reminds me of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force fiasco in Boston.

    It just doesn’t ring true.

  2. Are you suggesting it’s a publicity stunt? If it is some sort of stunt, someone or someones are (or should be) in huge bloody trouble. Personally, I can’t imagine that sort of idea being taken beyond drunken bar-talk without “you are a complete, absolute, certifiable lunatic” being said with very dour, stern expressions.

  3. No, not a publicity stunt, as one would think of one.

    Just something that was deliberately handled ineptly, designed to get attention, and look like it was all set to blow, but never designed to really work.

    Which we can all be grateful for, no doubt. No one was injured or killed; no damage was done to the area.

    And the cause Shahzad is touting has to do with India/Pakistan, not even a passing mention of Mohammed.
    So was parking the vehicle outside Viacom part of the plan (thereby leading to the South Park tie-in), or was that just the first available space? It seems more likely that it was the latter.

    So I agree with you, Kelly. Someone should be in huge bloody trouble. Still, something about it all just doesn’t ring true.

  4. Oh! Y’know, that doesn’t sound too crazy of a theory at all. When you mentioned the ATHF/Boston thing I thought you were suggesting that Cartoon Network may have done this to stir up media attention or something. Sheesh – sorry… that would be really messed up, but what you’re saying sounds quite plausible in the grand scheme of things.

    Sorry to misunderstand so badly.

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