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Rina Piccolo launches webcomic “Velia, Dear”

Rina Piccolo, creator of Tina’s Groove and one of the Six Chix, has launched a tri-weekly webcomic entitled, “Velia, Dear.” The comic launched today and is about a young woman named Velia who leaves the inner city to take care of her aging Italian mother.

Regarding the new strip (and why she’s launching a web comic) Rina writes on the Velia blog:

It all started about a year ago when I was struck by the idea of how much creative freedom an on-line, self-published comic strip could afford me. Not to mention how much fun I could have with it.

While I continue to love the world of the newspaper comics page, I just feel I have so much more to give, and ? I gotta tell you ? the independence of an on-line strip, with its liberties and lack of censorship, sounds like a hat I want to try on right now, just for laughs.

Community Comments

#1 Samantha Wikan
@ 8:26 am

Hooray!! I wish more newspaper comics would take the plunge and see how wonderful it can be…just for the joy of it!

Welcome to the world of webcomics, Rina!

#2 Anne Hambrock
@ 8:45 am

Great stuff Rina!

#3 Bill Holbrook
@ 9:14 am

Best of luck, and I wish you much success with it!

#4 Bob Weber Jr.
@ 10:10 am

I love it, Rina! Good luck!

#5 Graham Nolan
@ 11:21 am

Fantastic stuff, Rina! You have a wonderful sense of humor and it really shines through on this strip. Bravo!

#6 Rina Piccolo
@ 12:35 pm

Thanks so much, everyone — and a billion thanks to The Daily Cartoonist — i really appreciate it!

#7 Karyl Miller
@ 7:02 pm

Rina rocks!

#8 Mike Cope
@ 9:04 pm

It has the flavour of a newspaper comic strip, but the feelings of a director’s cut. Look forward to reading more!

#9 mke crachiolo
@ 12:30 am

yes rina rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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