Rina Piccolo launches webcomic “Velia, Dear”

Rina Piccolo, creator of Tina’s Groove and one of the Six Chix, has launched a tri-weekly webcomic entitled, “Velia, Dear.” The comic launched today and is about a young woman named Velia who leaves the inner city to take care of her aging Italian mother.

Regarding the new strip (and why she’s launching a web comic) Rina writes on the Velia blog:

It all started about a year ago when I was struck by the idea of how much creative freedom an on-line, self-published comic strip could afford me. Not to mention how much fun I could have with it.

While I continue to love the world of the newspaper comics page, I just feel I have so much more to give, and ? I gotta tell you ? the independence of an on-line strip, with its liberties and lack of censorship, sounds like a hat I want to try on right now, just for laughs.

9 thoughts on “Rina Piccolo launches webcomic “Velia, Dear”

  1. Hooray!! I wish more newspaper comics would take the plunge and see how wonderful it can be…just for the joy of it!

    Welcome to the world of webcomics, Rina!

  2. It has the flavour of a newspaper comic strip, but the feelings of a director’s cut. Look forward to reading more!

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