Nate Beeler wins The Thomas Nast Award

Another award announcement. This time Nate Beeler, editorial cartoonist for the The Washington Examiner, is taking home this year’s The Thomas Nast Award.

Judges’ remarks:

Nate Beeler’s entries stood out for their powerful and vivid composition that brings the message home regardless of whether the cartoon centers on a conversation or a visual punch line. Notable for his use of color and for meticulous art work that, in the words of one of his editors, “treats each cartoon like a painting.”

5 thoughts on “Nate Beeler wins The Thomas Nast Award

  1. Nate does great work with wonderful artwork. The cartoon posted above is excellent.

    Not to take anything from Nate’s deserving win, that award’s entry fee of $175 is ridiculous and no doubt kept down the number of entries.

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