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Jen Sorensen to receive award for social justice journalism

Congrats to Jen Sorenson, creator of Slowpoke comic strip. She’s been named as the recipient of the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. Additionally, she is the first woman to receive the Grambs Aronson Cartooning with a Conscience Award from Hunter College’s Department of Film & Media Studies.

The Aronson award honors “journalism that measures business, governmental and social affairs against clear ideals of the common good.”

Community Comments

#1 August J. Pollak
@ 10:06 am

Holy crap, great cartoonists getting recognition for their work! What is the world coming to? This is becoming a TREND, people!

#2 Keith Knight
@ 12:20 pm

Wow!! Great for you, Jen! Who’s next? I say Ruben Bolling!!

#3 Ted Rall
@ 12:35 pm

Twice is a coincidence.

Three times is a pattern.

#4 Jen Sorensen
@ 3:08 pm

Thanks, y’all. If anyone in NYC is interested, the awards ceremony is actually open to the public; I’ll be giving a brief talk and taking Q&A along with the other winners. As the kids say, here are the deets:

6pm, Monday May 3
8th Floor Faculty Dining Room, Hunter West Building
68th Street and Lexington Avenue

#5 Neal Skorpen
@ 3:17 pm

That’s awesome, and well-deserved. Congrats!

#6 Eric Millikin
@ 3:40 pm

Awesome. Congratulations Jen!

#7 Stephanie McMillan
@ 10:45 am

Fabulous, Jen!!! Congratulations!

#8 Steve Skelton
@ 10:48 am

Congrats, Jen!

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