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Pulitzer winners announced today

Today at 3pm EST, the Pulitzer board will announce this year’s winners of the Pulitzer Prize. I’ll be watching the announcements and will post the winners here as soon as they are announced.

Community Comments

#1 Ted Rall
@ 7:18 am

It would be awesome if this thread doesn’t instantly degenerate into the usual list of “Congratulations, [enter first name of winner here]!”

#2 Mark_Tatulli
@ 8:22 am

Why would somebody congratulating the winner bother you, Ted?

#3 Zachary Snyder
@ 9:30 am

Are you say this thread should be reserved only for “booo!” and “[Winner] is a talentless hack”, or are you saying that neither cheers or jeers should be posted here?

I think either restriction would be ridiculous, just wanted to clarify the ridiculousness… :)


#4 August J. Pollak
@ 9:45 am

I don’t think it meant no celebratory statements. I’m assuming the request meant we should discuss pros and cons and agreements/disagreements with the decisions, not flood the thread with single-word comments, possibly to people who will never see or read them anyway.

#5 Stacy Curtis
@ 9:50 am

I hope Ted wins so no one will say “Congratulations!” to him.

#6 Zachary Snyder
@ 9:52 am

Good point, that’s probably what he meant.
Still, Congrats to all the winners!

#7 Zachary Snyder
@ 9:53 am

But then he still wins the Pulitzer!
Maybe that was his plan all along… diabolical!

#8 Norm Feuti
@ 10:04 am

Yeah, it would be much better if the thread degenerated into a print vs web debate.

#9 Ted Rall
@ 10:08 am

What August said: It is dreadfully stupid and pointless and boring to read a string of “Congrats, Bob!” posts.

No matter who wins, the choice will be controversial. Whether it’s the cartoonist’s politics, drawing style, approach or public persona, there will be meaningful issues to discuss. It would be nice to discuss them for once.

Stacy: I wouldn’t expect you to congratulate me in the exceedingly unlikely chance that I were to win.

#10 JP Trostle
@ 10:44 am

Let’s just turn it into a game of Hangman then! Who wants to go first?

Congrats __ __ __ __ !

/ \
/ \

#11 A Jonathan Cox
@ 11:17 am

“Never pass up an opportunity to be a jerk to a stranger.” – Old Internet Proverb

#12 Dan Reynolds
@ 11:24 am

Prizes don’t kill people. Nominating processes do.

#13 Shane Davis
@ 12:05 pm

Can I congratulate Phil Mickelson?

He’s is a talent less hack!

#14 JP Trostle
@ 12:34 pm

What? No takers? Okay, can I get an “M”? … and as long as I’m typing, give me a K as well

#15 JP Trostle
@ 1:03 pm

and its MARK FIORE!!!!!!!

#16 Milt Priggee
@ 1:13 pm


A pulitzer always looks good on a staff toonist job application.

#17 John Read
@ 1:17 pm

Congratulations to all nominees and prize winners everywhere.

#18 Alan Gardner
@ 2:12 pm

With the announcement made, I’m closing down this thread. Comments regarding the Prize, Mark, etc. should go over here.

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