Greg Evans launches new musical

Greg Evans, the creator of Luann, is launching another play entitled “Wrinkles: The New Old Age Musical.” Greg composed 14 songs for the musical. His first musical, based on his Luann character “Luann: Scenes In A Teen’s Life” has been on a couple of different stage productions and will again this May by the South San Diego High School.

Regarding the Wrinkles play:

“As I started writing, it was much like creating ‘Luann,’ ” Evans said. “You create characters, and they start to tell you what they need to do and where the story needs to go. I reached a point where I realized one of the characters was going to die. But I didn’t know that ahead of time.”

Originally, “Wrinkles” was intended to be an entertaining musical revue, heavy with song and dance, light on plot. But then, the play’s three couples began to define themselves. There is Hank and June, the principal characters who are most like Evans and his wife, Betty.

Hank and June’s flamboyant friends Guy and Sal dress and act younger than their years, and the cantankerous couple Aubrey and Greta are resigned to the fact that they are getting older and quick to assert their disappointment.

More about the show.

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  1. I told Greg I was going to go see his first musical, and I didn’t. 🙁 But I listened to some of it on podcast and it was great!

    Wow, and someone dies. Who wants to go with me to see this one?

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