Aaron McGruder launches new Boondocks site

With the upcoming new season of Boondocks, USAToday reports Aaron McGruder has launched an “official unofficial” site.

McGruder has been good about keeping us posted via Twitter, and now he has launched an “official unofficial” Boondocks site at http://www.boondocksbootleg.com. Here, you can find screen shots from the new season, video clips and behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as McGruder’s political commentary and randomness. (Warning: Some content may not be safe for work.)

Last week McGruder noted that the “first Boondocks trailer (was) nixed for being ‘too much for people to handle.’ I would put it out anyway, except I think they might be right.”

One thought on “Aaron McGruder launches new Boondocks site

  1. Can’t wait for season three. I’m so glad he was able to bypass the censorship in the newspaper world to (almost) do what he wants in the cartoon. Now if he could just get past the censorship on TV (cough B.E.T. EPISODES cough)…

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