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Nigerian newspaper wants editorial cartoonist

I don’t see ads like this anymore. The commute might be a strain, but I thought I’d pass it along anyway. :)

A leading newspaper publishing company with its head office in lagos has vacancies for the following position in its Concept Unit.


Candidates should posses:

a) Creative ability with striking draughtsmanship in figure drawing and pen strokes

b) Ability to write good English

c) First degree or HND in Fine Art with distinction in illustration

d) Three years working experience

e) Computers skills, which include Corel Draw and Photoshop


Candidates are required to possess:

a) Skills in five figure drawing with strong draughtsmanship

b) Capability to handle strip Cartoons and Scripting

c) A first degree or HND in Fine Art with distinction in illustration

d) Computers skills, which include Corel Draw and Photoshop


Candidates should possess:

a) Exceptional information gathering skills through primary research, interviews, surveys, and desk research.

b) A good command of written and spoken English

c) Exceptional report writing skills

d) A first degree or HND in any discipline, but preferably in arts subjects

e) Three years experience in research work of performance

Highly skilled cartoonist and illustrators who prefer part-time contract would also be considered.

Candidates who meet the above requirements should direct their applications to, or preferably come along with their applications, CV and evidence of previous work done to see:


Block 5, plot 7D, Wempco Road, ogba

P.M.B. 21777, Ikeja

Community Comments

#1 Jeremy Creecy
@ 8:28 pm

Insert Nigerian banker joke here.

#2 Shane Davis
@ 9:21 pm

…and if you’ll just send them your bank account and routing number information, they will wire you a forward on the salary as a signing bonus right away.

Oh, and don’t forget to include your American Express account number, only to reimburse you for travel and meal expenses.

#3 Ted Rall
@ 6:55 am

Why would a cartoonist need to know Corel Draw?

#4 John Read
@ 7:42 am

Ted, I guess for the same reason they’d need to know Photoshop. For this company, at least.

#5 Ted Rall
@ 10:44 am

What reason would that be? You need Photoshop in order to create files that can be manipulated in page layout.

#6 Tom Wood
@ 11:15 am

I’d guess that they will expect the cartoonist/illustrators to do double duty in other graphics work, like ads.

Either that or the person who wrote the ad just doesn’t know what to ask for.

#7 John Read
@ 11:20 am

CorelDraw is a vector-based program that is used by many graphic artists (who prefer it over Photoshop’s companion program, Illustrator) when they’re working with line and curves rather than bitmaps. I know of illustrators who draw with a graphics tablet and bring their work directly into CorelDraw or Illustrator for further manipulation, saving Photoshop for coloring only.

#8 Ted Rall
@ 7:25 am

I know what CorelDraw is. That’s why I don’t see why it would be a job requirement.

#9 John Read
@ 8:37 am

Tom Wood (#6) is probably right about the “why.”

#10 Stephen Beals
@ 8:42 am

Software knowledge is usually a “requirement” because the last person who had the job got it and used it. It’s on the computer. The person advertising the position really doesn’t know much about the job, so they put in everything the last person used to get it done.

Then, after you work there, you edge in the way you like to do it. In my case, I use my own software. If I leave, they’re screwed (well, I’d be screwed too, so we’re covered).

#11 Stephen Beals
@ 11:32 am

Ooh, I just noticed that the Chicago Tribune is hiring an Assistant Editor.

One of the major responsibilities listed is to “Rewrite copy when necessary to improve columns and comics, while conferring with creators for their input and approval.”

This is on Career Builder.

I imagine a great job in rewriting punchlines.

#12 Beth Cravens
@ 9:26 am

You’d better have some guts to be a cartoonist in Nigeria or really enjoy prison food.

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