Suspect caught in Glauco Villas Boas murder

Carlos Eduardo Sundfeld Nunes, a college student, has been arrested for the murder of popular Brazilian cartoonist Glauco Villas Boas.

College student Carlos Eduardo Sundfeld Nunes, identified by witnesses as the killer in the double murder that shocked Brazil, was arrested on Friendship Bridge after a brief shootout with Federal Police officers.

The accused, who was carrying an unregistered weapon, fired at police, hitting and wounding one, when they tried to inspect the stolen vehicle he was driving.

Nunes had been declared a fugitive last Friday after a court ordered his arrest for his presumed responsibility in the killings.

Initially arrested for attempted murder of the policeman who was wounded, illegal weapons possession and resisting arrest, police only discovered that he was the man also wanted in the double murder when they were able to verify his identity.

Once in custody, Nunes admitted before police and reporters that he had killed the cartoonist and his son.