How to draw Cul de Sac’s Alice really fast

First it was Scott Stantis, now Richard Thompson has posted a quick draw.

12 thoughts on “How to draw Cul de Sac’s Alice really fast

  1. LOL @ McKee – A friend of mine got out of criminal law because he said that when you work around #*@holes all day you start to think everybody is one.

  2. What an odd comment there, Rodd. Know any autistic people? Psychologists? I’m too mystified to have an actual reaction to that.

    I’d ask you to expand on that, but I have a feeling you should stop there.

  3. I love this, even the scrap page too!! May I have it? pretty please? 😉

    Seriously, I do love and appreciate getting an inside look of an artist working and I am very inspired by Cul de Sac. Thank you for sharing that Richard.

  4. Everybody,

    For some reason I wasn’t able to view the quick sketches, but your comments were the funniest stuff I’ve read all week. Thanks for the laughs!


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