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Review: Stayed Tooned! issue 5

Just finished reading the latest issue of John Read’s Stay Tooned! magazine. Once again, John does an excellent job. This issue covers Roz Chast, Jack and Carole Bender (Alley Oop), John Hambrock (The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee), Joe Bluhm, Justin Thompson (MythTickle), Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois), Jeff Koterba and Don Hagist.

Bruce Higdon gives us an in depth report of 10 National Cartoonist Society members who recently went to Iraq to draw for the troops. Tom Richmond had a good write-up on his blog, this story goes a bit deeper.

Scott Nickel provides profiles on five female cartoonists: Alex Hallatt (Arctic Circle), Sandra Bell-Lundy (Between Friends), Stephanie Piro, (Six Chix), Stephanie McMillan (Minimum Security), and Terri Libenson (Pajama Diaries).

Community Comments

#1 Clay Jones
@ 10:47 am

That’s not really a review ya know.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 11:52 am

Hey. I did say, and I quote, “Once again, John does an excellent job.”

Not my best “review” but it is as always an engaging read – and by that I mean John’s magazine, not my “reviews.”

#3 Clay Jones
@ 12:27 pm

What you did was a description. I do love John’s magazine. He’s a great interviewer.

#4 Ross Klettke
@ 12:06 am

Is there any way I can purchase Stay Tooned in pdf form?

and is this something I should duck and cover for asking? :)

#5 Ross Klettke
@ 12:08 am

I guess I should probably ask John directly

#6 John Read
@ 8:31 am

Actually, Ross, that IS something I’ll do soon – offer digital versions of sold-out issues – but I have to admit that publishing on paper (because cartoons are more fun on paper!) is still my raison d’etre. :o)

#7 Jeff Mahon
@ 12:12 pm

Gawd I love this magazine. Thanks for the passion John!! Can’t wait to get issue 5!

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