Stay Tooned! issue 5 off the press

Just received word from John Read about issue five of Stay Tooned!. The cover has been kept under wraps, but he’s allowing me to post it here today. This issue features profiles of Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey), Jack & Carole Bender (Alley Oop), editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba, caricature artist Joe Bluhm, New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast, and Justin Thompson (webcomic Mythtickle); mini interviews conducted by Scott Nickel with Alex Hallatt (Arctic Circle), Sandra Bell-Lundy (Between Friends), Stephanie McMillan (Minimum Security), Stephanie Piro (Six Chix), and Terri Libenson (The Pajama Diaries); a report on the recent USO-sponsored NCS cartoonists tour to the Mideast; plus articles/columns contributed by Tom Richmond, R.C. Harvey, Bill Janocha (who also drew the cover), Don Hagist, and John Hambrock.

Can’t wait to get my copy. Always a great read. As always, information about ordering the fifth issue visit John’s site.

7 thoughts on “Stay Tooned! issue 5 off the press

  1. It’s obvious from all 5 issues that John’s heart is in this publishing venture.
    “Stay Tooned” is well designed and a pleasure to read. He has the energy and enthusiasm of a “5 year-old”. Thankfully, he has channeled that energy into his love for the cartooning business and it is evident in the quality of each issue of the magazine. Excellent work John!

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