Paul Jon interviewed in Omaha World-Herald

Paul Jon was interviewed by the Omaha World-Herald. Makes me wonder if some of that rigid military life helped create this routine.

Q. Do you work ahead?

A. Right now, I’m about five months ahead in the dailies and the Sundays and even more ahead with strips that I’ve got sketched out.

The good news is that I can swap out weeks. Next month, we’re sending the father to desert training. I was able to take two weeks that I had planned and put the desert training weeks in there. We’re doing a special D-Day week and a special Memorial Day on Sunday. It allows me to do special events and stuff like that.

Q. Wow, you’re way ahead. Do you worry about writer’s block?

A. That’s my biggest fear. I keep to a really tight routine. Every Saturday and Sunday, I’ll write and I usually get about two weeks’ worth. I’m probably a year ahead in writing.

I’m pretty happy with the way that’s going. If you have it in the can already, you can always just add.

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