GoComics opens up full archives for 14 days

Good news from the people at GoComics.

We at GoComics want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Since it would be impractical to send each and every one of our users a big box of gamble chocolate or a even a little candy heart stamped “U R COOL”, we’re offering all users 14 days of FREE unlimited access to our archives!

For the next two weeks, feel free to browse our entire collection of comics! This is your chance to go back and enjoy modern classics like Calvin and Hobbes, Doonesbury, Garfield, FoxTrot and The Boondocks, or newer hits like Lio, Cul de Sac and Pooch Cafe, from the very beginning! (Click on any of the preceding links to be taken directly to those comics’ first strips.)

3 thoughts on “GoComics opens up full archives for 14 days

  1. I love gocomics, too. I got a Blackberry at work and the pages are amazingly easy and fun to navigate on my phone.

    I shouldn’t be whining about a free site, but the layout at comics.com turns me off. The background and the clutter makes me think I’m flipping through the Yellow Pages.

    Websites that are so packed with beveled edges, shadows, bright gradient colors, in addition to neccessary advertising, are doing everything they can to distract the eye from the actual content. Photoshop art can look very weird next to pen and ink artwork if you aren’t careful.

    The Daily Cartoonist is a great example. There’s a lot of nice white space that’s easy on the eyes, but there’s also nice graphics to compliment the content and not distract from it.

    Uh-oh. Me doth ranteth a bit. Time to go home.

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