Zapiro revives Zuma shower head imagery

South African editorial cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (“Zapiro”) has reinstated the shower head above President Jacob Zuma’s head. In several cartoons, the shower head was present but floating above the presidents head slowly inching closer. Zapiro affixed the plumbing fixture as more criticism is leveled at the president for his sexual behavior.

In an interview with Zapiro with

“All sorts of people tried to give him a break. I lifted the shower off his head according to how well or badly I thought he was doing. More people are criticising, even from within his own ranks. It is obviously an opportunity for me to play around with the shower,” said Zapiro.

Zapiro said Zuma should be embarrassed to address the nation on Thursday.

“He has so many children and so many scandals that follow him. It was bound to co-incide with something and as it happens it co-incides with the speech and if I were him I would be so embarrassed getting up in front of the nation,” said Zapiro.

The latest cartoon depicts the shower-head president reading an apology after a love child scandal broke in the press. An arrow points to the presidents groin with the words, “The only ANC member still standing up for him.”

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