Ginger Meggs celebrates milestones

From Jason Chatfield, the current cartoonist with the Australian Ginger Meggs comic strip, we learn that the strip is celebrating several milestones. It’s closing in on 90 years old, became a daily 17 years ago and has been syndicated with Universal Uclick for 10.

It was 17 years ago that Australia’s oldest comic strip went from running as a Sunday strip for 72 years, and finally took the leap into the daily format, but it wasn’t easy…

Visit Jason’s site for a narrative history of Ginger Meggs

4 thoughts on “Ginger Meggs celebrates milestones

  1. Hi John,

    I don’t have the full list – Universal will have that. Though I’m aware of the:

    LA Opinion
    (Los Angeles, USA)

    Home Journal
    (Houston, Texas)

    Media News Group Interactive
    (Denver, Colorado)

    Washington Hispanic
    (Washington, DC)

    Houston Home Journal
    (Perry, Georgia)

    and in Central America,

    Cias Periodisticas Del Sol
    (Mexico City, Mexico)

    El Sol El Norte
    (Monterrey, Mexico)

    Diario de Tampico
    (Tampico, Mexico)

    (Saltillo, Mexico)

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